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Russian Association for Specialists of Endoscopic UltraSound
is non-political, non-profit, its aims and purposes are:

  1. Promotion of the education and training of doctors and nurses in endosonography.
  2. Endosonography popularization in cooperation with other scientific medical associations.
  3. Creation of the information base (creation of manuals, maintenance with the special literature, notification about the international events).
  4. Proposing, promoting and supporting scientific researches and multicentric studies.
  5. Participation in the Russian and international conferences.
  6. Consolidation of Russian endosonographers in Internet-space (carrying out of Internet sessions of the Endosonography club, virtual consultations and training) and web site development (Russian), (English)
  7. Improvement of national standards for patientsТ management with EUS application.
  8. Interaction with manufacturers and maintenance service of the echoendoscopes and ultrasound equipment for the purpose of development and adoption of new technologies and the equipments.

Membership is open to doctors and trainees of the various specialties interested in application of endosonography techniques, and dividing the associationТs aims and purposes.



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