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Moscow Endosonography Club

The Club has been meeting since 4 November 2009, when it was decided to arrange meetings to invite several speakers to address one theme.

Papers are presented in three basic groups:
I. УABC of EUSФ - for endoscopists, ultrasonographers and endoultrasonographers
II. УEUS InstituteФ - for skilled endoultrasonographers
III. ЂWorld-EUSї Ц reports on the international conferences

The subject and date of the next session are agreed collectively, and announced one or two months beforehand on the internet site And it is planned to hold Internet video-conferencing sessions.

Endosonographers are joined by experts of other specialites - anaesthesiologists, radiologists, surgeons, ultrasonographer, etc. for round table discussions of the reports.

Moscow Endosonography Club (MEC) became the basis of the Russian Association for Specialists of Endoscopic Ultrasonography (RASEUS).

CONTACTS: +7-916-394-24-90, Ц Tatiana L. Silina



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