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The international EUS conferences

On this page - there are the international conferences specializing on EUS, their Internet address and important dates:

EUS ENDO - International Live Course
September 28 - 29, 2017 Marseille, (France) program

EGEUS 2017
7th European EUS Congress with live demonstrations
November 27-28, 2017 Turin - Italy Preliminary program and 2.nd October 2012, Copenhagen EBUS Course "Endosonography is the new gold standard in mediastinal staging of non-small cell lung cancer"
For more information contact: (Russian spoken) or visit the webpage:

6 - 8th September, 2012, St. Petersburg (Russia)
18th International Symposium on Endoscopic Ultrasonography
Deadline for submission of abstracts Ц June 1, 2012

7-8th June, 2012, Amsterdam (Netherlands) "EUS Live in Amsterdam, 2012"

6-7th, February, 2012 Torino (Italy)
National EUS Training Course IEC/SIED 2011-2012 for doctors and nurses

27th January, 2012, Paris (France)
CHE-EUS : Contraste Harmonique Echo, technique, résultats & applications.
Dr Palazzo, Dr Napoléon, Dr Gincul

9-10th June, 2011, Amsterdam (Netherlands) "EUS Live in Amsterdam, 2011"

26 - 27th May, 2011, Marseille (France)
"Euro EUS 2011"
deadline for submitting abstracts - April 25, 2011

27th January, 2011, Bruxelles (Belgium) "4th European EGEUS Meeting"
deadline for submitting abstracts - January, 3rd, 2011

12 - 14 November, 2010, Shanghai (China) "17th International Symposium on Endoscopic Ultrasonography - EUS2010"
deadline for submitting abstracts - 1 September 2010

26-28 September, 2010, Torino (Italy) "2 International EGEUS Course"

30-31 August, 2010, Copenhagen (Denmark) "Basic course in interventional endosonography for lung diseases"  
deadline for registration - 15 August, 2010

3-4 June, 2010, Amsterdam (Netherlands) "Endosonography Live in Amsterdam, 2010"

30Ц31 May, Tel Aviv (Israel) УEUS meets New Advancing TechnologiesФ (Euro EUS 2010
deadline for submitting abstracts - 27 March, 2010



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